06 September 2018

Not plump enough?

They must be kidding. I think "plump" would be translated as charnu, meaning "fleshy." Or juteux, meaning "juicy." These photos I took yesterday afternoon in the vineyard parcels on the north and east side of our house definitely show plump grapes.

Only one small section of vines around our house has been harvested so far. These were still on the vine late yesterday afternoon. It was very warm — almost hot — and muggy when Tasha and I went out.

And these too were still on display. I think they are Sauvignon Rose (a.k.a. Sauvignon Gris) grapes. They a not a widely grown variety. I'm sure their juice and skins go into rosé wines, still or sparkling. I anticipate that more grapes will be harvested today.

These red wine grapes grow in the easternmost section of the Renaudie vineyard, down the hill from our house. They look plump as well. Can't you almost taste them?

This is what our "hamlet in the vines" looked like late yesterday afternoon, looking toward the northeast from out in the vineyard. Our house is the one with the brown roof under that big blob of a white cloud. Our neighbors' houses are on the right. We're having apéros this evening with the two women who each own one of those houses.


  1. Your photo of Sauvignon rose grapes made me think of Lorraine's petit gris de Toul, but it turns out this very good wine is an assemblage of Gamay and Pinot noir.

    1. I remember that you've tasted the local Pineau d'Aunis rosé wines. They too are very light and dry. They are a specialty of the Val de Cher (Chenonceaux, Saint-Aignan, etc.) and Val de Loir (around Vendôme especially) wine districts.

    2. Oui, je me souviens de ce petit rosé très agréable.

  2. Beautiful grapes. The clouds are nice in the last photo. I'm glad you know your neighbors.

  3. C and G are both good neighbors, and both are about my age. C inherited her mother's house a few years back, and she lives here full-time. She's going to take care of Bertie the black cat for us when we go away for a week in October.

    G visits the hamlet for a few weeks several times a year. She inherited her mother-in-law's house a few years ago. I don't know if she intends to come live here full-time, but I don't think so. She lives in the Paris area. She might be getting ready to go back there, after spending most of August here in the countryside.

  4. I never tire of seeing pictures of grapes. The Sauvignon Rose area great color. So the growers have to wait for the OK to harvest even if the grapes are ready?


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