15 March 2017

Three photos... such as they are

One of these photos is okay. It resembles the one Walt posted yesterday. I took all the photos. We were in the middle of major canine commotion, however, and most of the photos came out blurry. I wish I had set the camera on video to take a movie, but the thought didn't occur to me at the time.

Here Walt was making friends with our as-yet-unnamed puppy's mama-dog. She was nervous about us being so close to her two pups, which were sleeping in the metal cage you can see in the photo. I wish I could remember this dog's name. She was nervous and protective about these strange humans wanting to get close to her pups, but she was far from aggressive about it, as you can see.

I tried to take photos of the puppy's daddy-dog, or "sire" — I wish we could remember his name. As you see, the photos came out really blurry. Anyway, he is a "tricolor" Sheltie like our puppy — black, white, and orange. I think the mother dog's coloring is what is called "sable." All the dogs, including 5 or 6 adults and about as many puppies (4 or 5 months old) were friendly and very energetic. I'm sure they were very excited to have visitors and get all the attention we showered on them.

Click or tap this link to the photo Walt posted yesterday to see the resemblance between father and daughter.

And I couldn't back off to take photos because the dogs just ran around us in circles the whole time. Something I once read said that as a blogger you should never post a technically deficient photo, but I do it anyway. My photos are not so much examples of photographic mastery as they are depictions of what I saw with my eyes when I was taking them. It helps if you squint... You can click or tap on the images to enlarge them.


  1. Handsome dogs!
    It looks like a nice, clean place, which I would find encouraging. Lulu was kept in a very dingy barn along with her three brothers. Rather than put me off her it made me want to take them all away from there.

  2. This is Sue from the Isle of Wight again. I am embarassed that I have to comment under anonymous at present but I have forgotten how I used to post to you. Yours is the only blog I have ever followed so I am inexperienced and inept. Sorry.
    So thrilled about your choice of a Sheltie as they are lovely litle characters. Your breeder sounds very reputable and should be able to reassure you that the parents and puppies have both been tested for Hip dysplasia and Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal hypoplasia, before you pick up your puppy. Both these hereditary problems are unfortunately not rare in this breed. Have a look at http://www.sheltieplanet.com/health-problems.php for sensible advice without scare mongering. I am so excited for you and am now really broody for another sheltie for us - when the timing is better.

  3. Oh, no need to apologize for the look of the photos -- they give such a great impression of the excitement and doggy delight that you were experiencing :)

  4. I had Collies as a child, never a sheltie but I think they are quite beautiful dogs and being so intelligent, they must be wonderful pets. I love the look of them.
    Congratulations .. on the new member of your family .

  5. The pup's mother has the most beautiful, expressive eyes. It's almost as if she were saying "You will look after my baby, won't you?" I should be so tempted to take the mother, as well as her pup !

  6. Sometimes a technically deficient photo has its own charm .. I want to see the picture of the dog, I don't care if it is not a pulitzer worth photograph :)

  7. Those are terrific photos, they show how active and alert the dogs are.
    Tricolors are really beautiful dogs, and given that Shelties are smart, new pup should be managing to wrap you around her little paw in a matter of days.

  8. I love the look of the mama dog...I'm excited about your puppy- it's almost like having a new baby around here!


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