13 March 2017

Spring springing

Today we will drive over to Chinon to see a woman about a dog. One of our neighbors said, when we told her yesterday, "You will quickly succumb when you see a sweet little puppy." She is probably right, even though this is a big decision.

Meanwhile, the early bloomers in our yard have burst forth with flower. Above, a pink ornamental cherry and a big plum tree seen from the front terrace.

Again above, the patch of primroses and cyclamens that come up spontaneously every spring in our side yard. They were first put there by the woman who sold us the house in 2003.

Below, violettes coming up wild near the front gate, seen from the kitchen window.

And finally, the plum and cherry trees again.

We're expecting good weather for our three-hour round-trip drive over to Chinon this afternoon. We won't be coming back with a puppy, unless the unforeseen happens, since the one we have tentatively picked out won't be weaned until about the end of April.


  1. Oh boy, this is going to be fun!
    As Gosia said, your yard looks great :) We're expecting blizzards on the east coast today, and have an inch of snow on the ground here in St. Louis this morning.

  2. I've been waiting for these "spring is busting out all over" photos. Never fail to delight.
    Yesterday I learned that the French assign a letter of the alphabet for the year in which a dog is born. In 2017 it's "N" so put your thinking caps on if you wish to conform. There was a website with suggested names...chien.com, I believe.

  3. Oh how beautiful.
    It is very green where I am living but the colors .. and I like the seasons ! Even winter, so living in a monotonous environment of constant sunshine and green is actually dreadfully boring :)
    I look forward to seasons again and even a puppy one day, if the cats allow it .
    lol...I have to see a man about a dog :)

  4. My Dad used to say that Spring was more beautiful every year. Your Spring is spectacular this year. I love seeing your primroses. We are all looking forward to your new addition.

  5. Even though you're not really that much more south from us, spring seems to be taking over there. Not so here yet. :( I love these flowering bushes!

  6. Forgot: can't wait to hear how your puppy visit went! Fingers crossed here!

  7. Your plum and cherry trees are glorious. So are the primrose and cyclamen that come up in your yard.


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