06 March 2017

Tarte amandine aux poires

Yesterday my birthday "cake" was one of my favorite desserts. Walt made it for me (or us). It's called a tarte amandine and this one is made with pears. Amandine derives from the word amande (almond), and the body of the tarte is a sweet, eggy almond custard.

Tarte amandine aux poires

1 pie shell (pâte brisée)
6 or 7 or 4 poached pear halves
100 g softened butter (7 Tbsp.)
100 g sugar (7 Tbsp.)
2 eggs, lightly beaten
100 g powdered almonds (8 fl. oz.)
25 g flour (3 Tbsp.)
10 cl pear (or other) brandy

Pre-heat the oven to 350ºF / 180ºC.

Cream together the softened butter and the sugar to make a light and fluffy mixture.

Add the beaten eggs and then the almond powder and flour. Mix well and add the (optional) brandy (or a few drops of vanilla extract).

Line a baking dish with the pie crust (home-made or store-bought). Prick the bottom to keep the crust from puffing up as it cooks and pour in the almond custard mixture.

Place the poached pear halves (fresh or from a can) on top of the almond mixture, pressing them in gently. Bake the pie
Bake the tart for about 30 minutes, until golden brown.


  1. Extra double yum! I'm amazed chm didn't fly over specially to join you. I bet it's one of his favourites too.

  2. I didn't have my breakfast yet and my stomach is growling with envy. Yes, Susan, if I could have, I would have flown over to share that delish. Walt is a maître pâtissier, maybe he'll remember, when I visit with them in late May or early June , to bake another one!

  3. No milk in the custard? Are the eggs and the melted butter (and optional brandy) the only liquids in this recipe?

  4. Thanks to reading your blogs, I now make this a few times a year (with various fruits), and it is one of my favorites! I made one with blueberries and raspberries when Jane and her husband and daughter were here in December :)

  5. May I please have one for My Birthday ? you can mail it to me :) I love the almond flavor and have never had a pear tarte .. merci!

  6. I've made this a couple of times and see another one in my near future.

  7. Voici la recette de la tarte amandine aux poires que j'ai trouvée sur le site Marmiton :

    Tarte amandine

    Il s'agit de faire une “crème” d'amandes dans laquelle il n'y a ni crème ni lait.

  8. Always a work of art Walt. Happy Birthday Ken.


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