09 March 2012

Moonset, sunrise

When I came downstairs this morning at about 6:30 a.m., I looked out the back window and saw a huge moon setting out over the vineyard. I picked up my camera and tried to capture it, despite the darkness. Here's the result.

Moonset over the Renaudière vineyard
Friday 09 March 2012 6:45 a.m.

The pictures are grainy, but that's because of the severe low-light conditions at such an early hour. By the way, it's already starting to get light at 6:30 now. Just a few weeks ago, we didn't see daylight until nearly two hours later than that.

A few minutes after the first photo above, the light had brightened slightly and I took the next two, zooming in progressively. All these moon photos have been processed with Photoshop to soften some of the graininess. The camera also has a hard time focusing with so little light.

Sunrise Friday 09 March 2012 at La Rendaudière

A few minutes later, I noticed light on the other side of the house and realized the sun was rising. So I snapped a picture of that too. One nice thing about our house is that we can see both the sunrise and the sunset (or moonset) out our windows.


  1. Great shots. I had penetrating moonlight coming in through poorly closed drapes and did not take a picture; I got up and closed the curtains.

  2. Really nice photos. I love this time of year. When the sun rises earlier,so do I. In fact, I'm waiting for sunrise now, and then I'll go out and see what's in bloom.

  3. lovely! Tried to take a photo of the moon rising last night but wasn't happy with the results.

  4. Such lovely photos as usual. And as our weather is changing in the West of Australia the kookaburras and my dogs don't start waking me until sunrise ...now about 6.15. Bliss after daylight from 4.30 through summer. In the west we don't have "daylight saving" time.

  5. Great photos, Ken. It's fun to see shots from a different time of day than we normally can see.

    When I leave for work now (at about 6:40 a.m.), there is definite sunlight -- so different from those dark streets of January!

  6. Oooooh....I love the photos, especially the zoom shot of the moon. Gorgeous

  7. My friend at the gym was telling me that last night after the sunset she could see 5 planets in the sky. I will look and see if I can see all five. She said they were very bright!

    We all are anxious for spring, aren't we!

    Mary in Oregon


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