31 March 2012

Le grand anglo-français tricolore

So the hunting dogs that you see at the Château de Cheverny are considered now to be a distinct breed. The breed's name is Grand anglo-français tricolore, or Great Anglo-French Tricolo(u)r Hound.

The dogs at Cheverny

This breed was created by crossing French hunting dogs — specifically, a breed called the Poitevin — with English Fox Hounds. The Anglo-French Hounds are more French than English, with the original French breeds predominating, according to the sites I've read. Here's an interesting French site on which you can search for the breed you want information on.

Loveable, I think

These are dogs that weigh from 30 to 35 kilograms — 65 to 85 lbs. — and need a lot of exercise. They're docile and affectionate, apparently, even with children, but they're dogs that need to run and so do better in the country than in urban environments. The Anglo-French Hound is definitely not a lapdog.


  1. Not a lap dog... I bet they'll try tho'. My bruvver's Great Dane was forever trying to sit on laps [and wash trousers with the head end for all that].
    Love the last pic... a lot of concentration going into licking that paw!
    And the top picture shows a lovely gentle pair of expressions... a pair and a large paddock would probably be the only way to give them good excercise... they'd chase each other around.
    With Callie, being a BC, all you and Walt have to do is walk about 150 yds apart and she'll spend the whole walk trying to round you up... used to work every time with Jake.

  2. They are such nice dogs - on my top 10 list of dogs I would like to own. My experience of owning hunting dogs is that they don't need nearly as much exercise or entertaining as a border collie.

  3. These photos reminded us of our hound, who loved to run. We'd bike and my husband would hold Molly's leash and she'd gallop along beside him. I think there may have been times he let Molly pull him. She ran 26 miles with us once.

  4. Beautiful dogs! I wonder how much the châtelains spend to maintain their brood, though.

  5. Susan, have you also owned Border Collies?

    Carolyn, we've never tried to run Callie that way. Wonder how she would do?

    Ellen, probably a fortune. But then they have one.

  6. Les chiens de chasse, paradoxalement, sont toujours très affectueux et presque jamais agressifs avec les gens. De fait, ils constituent aussi d'excellents animaux de compagnie.

  7. Une question, si'l vous plait? Comment diton "did you hear me" en Français? Merci.

  8. « M'avez-vous entendu ? » would be the shortest and most formal version. For informal, you could say « Tu m'as entendu ? »

  9. My late friend in Bonnes had those dogs he used for hunting Boar.
    He's the one I brought the goat cheese to. He died on his way to a safari.

  10. Hi Mimi, I remember about your friends in Bonnes that you took the goat cheese to. All the best to you.


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