15 February 2010

Wintertime walks and waits

The last of the snow we got last week has been melting. That said, the temperature right now is -6.6ºC, or +20ºF. Sigh. The boiler has still not been repaired. In fact, I haven't yet received an estimate for the price of the repair, much less a target date. We have been getting mail — a piece or two every day — so I know that postal delivery is not the problem.

Here I called Callie to make her turn and look at me for the photo

Winter or summer, rain or shine, snow or sleet, the walks with the dog go on. It's my turn this morning. I've been going at about 8:15 or even 8:30 recently. It's good and light by then. Yesterday I went out at 5:00 p.m. too.

My most frequent view of Callie during our walks
Click on the picture to see an enlargement

One advantage of this cold weather is that the ground is frozen. Otherwise, some of the paths we like to follow are too muddy to be practical. Right now, we are free to go nearly anywhere we like, treading on rock-hard ground. One path Callie really likes, maybe because she hadn't been on it for quite a while, is a steep one that runs down our hill toward the village.

Callie finds a lot of interesting things to sniff
out there — mostly deer pee, I bet.

It's a path through woods, so for the dog it has the added attraction that you never know when you might meet up with a deer. No luck yesterday though, but we did meet up with some other people hiking around out there. We're not the only crazy ones.

Heading back into the woods,
looking down into the river valley

Here's the big question that faces us when we go out the back gate: woods or vineyard? I guess we'll choose vineyard this morning because we did woods yesterday afternoon. But I usually let Callie choose and just follow her around until I'm ready to head back to the house.


  1. You should have entitled this post 'Camouflage Puppy', as Callie is almost invisible with her ginger-brown and white coat in this snowy landscape! :))

  2. you are being so patient with the heating people.....i would have been on the phobe every day telling them ur freezing....wtf

    it's great that yall have so much space for callie to trot around outside without fear of traffic

    r u wearing 4 layers of clothes in the house to keep warm? taking showers must be fun...brrrr

  3. We are 5-6°C warmer than you at the moment but it is cold, grey, drizzly and miserable. According to the forecast I looked at, we will be changing places and by the end of next week you will be basking in 12°C and sunshine and we will still be cold, grey and drizzly.

    I think the way you have been treated by the heating company is extremely shoddy. I hope you will be delighted to march into their office when the renewal arrives and tell them what you think of their customer service. Loudly and in front of lots of other customers if possible.

    It's quite unbelievable. The last time we had a similar problem here, under our contract with British Gas, the engineer turned up at 7pm and didn't leave until he'd fixed it. He had a replacement pump already on the van.

    (I deleted my previous comment due to a silly typo error.)

  4. Love the photo of Callie... checking her pee-mail? :-)

    I hope your heat is back soon.

  5. Going for a walk in freezing weather is another good reason to own no pets.

  6. I hope you are on the phone everyday to let them know "it's not here yet", "it's not here yet".

  7. Temps got down to -18°C over our last cold snap, -14°C over this one! This week they're prediciting balmy temps in the 5°C range -- can't wait!


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