23 February 2009

Still quiet

Having a good time in Carteret County, North Carolina, but not motivated to blog. Transferring many old VHS tapes to DVD, and that's working despite a few glitches.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to drive down to the eastern end of the county, which is basically a string of old fishing villages along US Hwy 70. The road winds through salt marshes full of birds (and mosquitoes in summer). Maybe I'll be inspired to take some pictures. Our destination will be the little town of Atlantic, N.C., which nearly the end of the road.

Carteret County, N.C., is more water than land — what
shows as land on the map is more salt marsh than terra firma.

I have some older topics about eastern Carteret County here and here and here.

I've been to one restaurant since I've been here, and I wouldn't recommend it at all. Very disappointing. I also bought some carry-out pork barbecue and hushpuppies from a local restaurant, and that was excellent. Perfect with coleslaw and perfect with collard greens.

It's fun just to sit with my mother and sister and other family members and talk over old times. We're comparing memories, and it's amazing how the details can vary from one person to another. Sometimes the memories are complementary, helping us piece together a story, and sometimes they are simply contradictory. But we don't argue — we just laugh about how different our versions of a given story can be.


  1. Quick question - would the hotel you stayed in on your way to CDG be good for me and my 10 yr-old son? Airfares are coming down, and we are looking at making a quick hop accross. I told him if he could find the money to get us there, I would take him. What does he do - calls his grandmother, of course? She said no "for now" and encouraged him to write a "grant proposal". Once he figures out what that is, I bet he tries again.

  2. I really should proof read. That should be a "!" and not a "?" after "of course".

  3. And, of course, YOUR version of that event is the right one!

    Word verification: sighwoo. C'est tout un monde!

  4. Dan, that hotel, the Carmes, would be very nice for you and your son. It's near Notre Dame, the Pantheon, the Sorbonne, and the Cluny Museum. Not far from the Louvre, the Jardin des Plantes, and the Luxemburg Gardens. My single room was 82 euros. I think a double is 92, and in the double you have a double bed and a single, if I remember correctly. Here's a web site.

  5. Thanks. He also offered to cut the grass (which is still brown) for $80 a pop.

    I should mention that he is doing a big report on the Eiffel Tower in mid-April, which is why he wants to go.

  6. Dan, that's exciting! Keep us apprised of your plans as you go!

    Ken, it's really nice to know that you're having a nice time :) I guess your mom reads your blog daily? That must help her deal with having you live so far away all the time!


  7. Dan, for $80, I will come and cut your grass. ;)


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