15 February 2009

Opening the shutters

Opening the shutters in the morning often reveals something surprising. Yesterday at about 8:00 a.m. I opened the ones on the bedroom window and saw that it was snowing. That was a surprise because it hadn't been predicted.

Opening the shutters and looking over
the back yard on Friday morning

On the morning news, it was reported that snow was falling in Paris and that the snowy weather was spreading southward toward the Massif Central, the Auvergne, which is south and east of Saint-Aignan. I guess were were right on the edge of it, and it snowed for a couple of hours.

Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher on a cold February morning

I needed to go to Intermarché to get some groceries. On the way, I stopped and took a picture of the Saint-Aignan "skyline" — the church, the château, and the quays along the Cher River. The snow was already changing over to cold rain. The parking lot at Intermarché was a veritable skating rink when I arrived, but a lot of the ice had melted by the time I finished shopping.

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