26 February 2009


There are a lot of birds here in Carteret County, N.C. But a friend told me today that the mockingbirds seem to have disappeared from the area, and there aren't many cardinals any more. Some suppose that their range has shifted north, because of climate change. The cardinal is North Carolina's state bird.

But there are still plenty of gulls. They are beggars. And scavengers. And fishers too, I guess. They swoop, soar, and screech. We saw a lot of them at the beach today.


  1. Oh, I love cardinals. We have them at our feeder daily. My last visit to the beach before we moved from New Jersey, I was pooped on by a gull :)) I figured that was their au revoir message:))

    How much longer is your visit?


  2. I think all your mockingbirds and cardinals must have moved next door to Craven County because we have lots of both. And we're happy to have them.


  3. Hello, Ken--
    I'll be staying at the Hampton Inn in Washington, NC on Monday night, Mar 2. As per usual, I'm commuting between FL and MD. Heading out to the OB, then up the Delmarva peninsula. Not really convenient to Morehead, but let me know if there is any convenient way to meet. I can tell you about how it is turning 60. My e-mail address is the same. My cellphone is 202-997-0470. Hope you are enjoying your trip home. Best, Bryan

  4. Bryan, any chance you could change your reservation to the Hampton Inn in Morehead City or even New Bern? I'm feeling really lousy right now -- allergy attack -- and it would be easier for me to get to New Bern. If you come to Morehead, we could have dinner at the Sanitary Fish Market. I fly out early on Tues.

  5. Bryan, nice to talk to you. Sorry we couldn't get together. It's been more than 20 years! Have a good time and get lots of good photos at Lake Mattamuskeet.


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