23 April 2024

The village cemetery (2)

These are some of the graves in the village cemetery that have plaques with words on them. Maybe you'll be able to read some of them. By the way, after the funeral in Blois and the burial in our village cemetery late this afternoon, Bernard's widow and children vont faire un pot in their house across the street from us. We're invited. Do you know what a pot is?

Some of the most common family names in this area are Ledys, Barbier, Marteau, Bigot, Denis, etc.


  1. I know what a pot au feu is, but surely it can't mean the same. What is "pot" in this context?

  2. And how is it pronounced? "po?"

  3. Bring a plate-not an empty one. franinoz

  4. Un pot is a glass of wine or whatever you want to drink, usually in a café. And it's ponounced [poh] with a silent H. On prend un pot avec des amis. By extension, organiser or faire un pot means to invite guests into your home or colleagues at your workplace to have a drink of whatever you are serving. I guess it's a cocktail party in a way. Un pot d'adieu is a going-way party. Yesterday's pot at the neighbors' house across the road was a crowd of maybe 50 people drinking glasses of the local bubbly wine or beer. There were some finger foods. We were lucky with the weather, which turned off mild and sunny, so most of the crowd stayed outdoors. It was fun.


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