03 April 2024

Colorful Montrichard market produce (2)

J'ai hâte de voir arriver la saison des cerises cette année, et puis la saison des tomates à la fin de l'été et au début de l'automne. On a eu tellement de pluie depuis Noël — plus du double comparé aux normes de la saison dans cette partie de la France — que n'avons pas encore pu commencer à préparer notre jardin potager de 2024. Par contre, avec les pluies abondantes de l'hiver nous il y a eu beaucoup de champignons. Les abricots, ce sera pour plus tard. Il pleut encore ce matin et on nous annonce de la pluie pour demain...

Here's this morning's weather map on Télématin, the French morning show.
The red X shows where Saint-Aignan is located. The numbers on the map are wind speeds in kilometers.


  1. According to the live satellite view you are now out of the rain...
    and there is sunshine on its way..... with little April showers, but not many....
    and they may be "rained out" by the time their clouds arrive
    Potager, what potager!!? I might as well start ag'in.... growing rice!

    1. I've got all the spuds in spud sack's this year....
      And the blossoms all out, but it is too cold for the insects to pollinate....

    2. Have you had any flooding down there? We have had some, but nothing insurmountable, around Saint_Aignan. The town's bridge was closed for most of the day yesterday so that tree trunks and other detritus could be cleared and would stop restricting the water flow. I was caught in several long traffic jams yesterday morning.

    3. Yes, major flooding... some friends had to be rescued by the Pompiers from their house which was at first surrounded, and then flooded as the valley of the Creuse filled up.
      Major degats all over the shop, many mainstreets flooded, gite businesses destroyed just at the beginning of the holiday season!!

  2. All that rain is good for ...mushrooms lol. I do love them though. I hope your ground dries up soon so this year's garden can begin.


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