13 June 2020

The state of the grapes

I was out walking with the dog and my camera late yesterday afternoon and
I was surprised to see so many plump grapes on the vines at this point.

How big the grapes are seems to depend on the variety planted in the different parcels, and I'm not sure which grapes these are.

One reason I was surprised is because our weather has been so chilly and damp recently, considering we're approaching the middle of June.

When the sun peeks through the clouds, its rays feel pretty hot, and that was the case yesterday afternoon.

However, we do seem to be paying for the exceptionally warm, sunny weather we had in May.

On a couple of mornings this past week, our heat has come on the morning — with the thermostat set at 18.5ºC (65ºF).


  1. With a thermostat at 65*F, I'd be frozen stiff! I keep mine close to 80*F as we did in Salton City year round!

  2. How far along would the grapes normally be this time of year? Also, aren't hot and dry years good for wine, or it is just dry years?

    1. Today Walt went to the open-air market to get some strawberries and other produce. The strawberry grower told him there might not be any strawberries for the next two or three weeks. The spring crop came in early because of warm May weather. Those berries are all gone. Now the summer crop has been delayed because the weather has been cool and damp for a few weeks.

  3. Just yesterday, during our walk around our hood, I noticed some grapes that were actually a LOT bigger than the other grape vines I have noticed in people's gardens.. I was also wondering why those were a lot bigger than all the others.. Funny, the things I notice... I love nature! In my planter box, which has lot of plants growing nicely, I just noticed a new batch of tiny, winy baby snails.. They are so cute.. They don't even eat my plants!


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