07 June 2020

Saint-Aignan panoramique

This is a panoramic view of Saint-Aignan, from the medieval fortress on the left all the way to the Romanesque church on the right, including the Renaissance château in the center of the image.

And here's a panoramic view of the Renaissance château itself. The building is not open to the public. I hope to live long enough to be able to go inside some day. Our house is about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) from the château as the crow flies.

I'm posting these at fairly large sizes. You can enlarge them and see more detail by clicking on them with your mouse, or by the equivalent gestures on iPads or Android tablets.


  1. I assume you have not bothered to switch to 'New Blogger', which gives you *smaller* photos when you click on them!

  2. Yes, I've tried the new Blogger interface and I'm not planning to change over until they do something about picture enlargement. I believe I could add some code in HTML view to fix the problem, but I don't want to have to do that for every photo I post. Hope you and Simon are doing well and staying healthy.

  3. I posted the following much earlier, but it didn't stick or I forgot to push "publish"!

    Nice view of the chateau proper. It looks like, in the left wing especialy, that the interior shutters are all closed, meaning that this part of the building might not be lived in. In the right wing, the shutters are half closed.

    I like the panoramic view.

  4. Have you been to the medieval fortress? One day the castle will be open and you and all of us will get to see the inside, j'espere.
    I sometimes forget to click publish, too, CHM.

  5. I'm so curious about how the lived-in part looks. I wonder if it's old fashioned, or if it's up to date?You know, since it's an older woman, perhaps she decorated it years ago, and hasn't refurbished :)

  6. Ken and chm, thanks for directing me to Chateau d'O, and de Meillant et de Fontaine-Henry. Both great to look at. The latter has the Chambord spiral staircase, just like the St. Aignan chateau above. Great view of this facade.

    1. You're welcome, David. I thought you would enjoy these three. Fontaine-Henry seems to be the most homogenous.


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