08 June 2020

La terrasse du château

Even though the château in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher is not open to the public, the grounds are, at least in part. You can enter through this gate and take in the views out over the Cher river and over the town's rooftops. 

There's a road along the south bank (the "left bank") of the Cher and it's lined with old houses, some of them pretty grand.

The river itself is normally pretty tame. Four years ago in May and June there was some serious flooding, but not since.

Looking in the other direction from the château "terrace" you get views of the rooftops of the old town. In the distance stands the big old Bernardines convent called Notre-Dame des Anges (angels).

This is a closer view of the convent. This photo and the one above are ones I took in 2006.

And finally, here's a post-fire photo that I took in 2010. Before the fire, the grounds of the convent were open to the public, but ever since they've been closed. There are probably two reasons for that: first, there is probably a risk of injury because the walls of the old building might just collapse; second, according to one web page I've found, Notre-Dame des Anges and the grounds are now privately owned.


  1. I second Judy's comment...the first thing that jumped out at me was the gates. They are magnificent. Shame about the convent; from the photo looks like there's enough to restore it.

  2. Totally agree about that gate! Would that be fun to drive up to everyday - it would make you feel pretty special to have such a splendid entrance gate!

    Mary in Oregon

  3. All of the pictures are spectacular! I can only hope at this time to be able to visit France again.

  4. Notice how the gate to the château grounds is open. That's an invitation to go in and look around. Take in the views. About the convent, the walls are standing and the roof can be replaced. The fire at Notre-Dame des Anges presaged what happened to Notre-Dame de Paris, don't you think? Different causes, but similar results. In Paris, they finally started the job of taking all that metal scaffolding off the part of the church where the fire started more than a year ago. They say the job will take three months.


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