05 December 2016


The temperature is well above freezing this morning, for the first time in several days. It's at least 10ºF "warmer" than it has been on recent mornings. It's still winter though, according to meteorologists. And it's been very foggy. I went for a drive in the Peugeot yesterday morning, over to Luçay-le-Mâle and Valençay, where visibility was severely limited.

Winter greens

Winter wisteria

Winter vines

So far in late November and now December, we've had quite a bit of frost but no snow. On many mornings, the kale and chard plants out in the garden have drooped drastically, affected by the cold. But they bounce back. I think the wisteria leaves will fall pretty soon. And the grapevines are now bare, with pruning well under way.


  1. Despite a night of frost last week, we still have some cherry tomatoes and a single pepper...though I don't think it will turn red. Raining but warmer today.

  2. Winter gardens have their own beauty, the wisteria is fabulous .. how old is it ?
    I think I might have to wear a sweater today ..

    1. We must have planted the wisteria 8 or 9 years ago. Enjoy wearing the sweater.

    2. Turns out I only need a sweater when I am inside , the air conditioning is always super cold.
      Years ago, we bought a house that had a wisteria that had been neglected for years and years. So the fenced in side patio was losing the battle .. the fence was leaning under the weight, the thing looked like it might drop on the neighbors roof and they were the sort that would insist that we re-roof the house if something happened to a tile on their roof because of that wisteria.
      So we had it cut back ... to about 6 feet tall. I felt bad for it . I felt better when my husband said the roots are probably under the nasty neighbors house and one day the house will just fall down.


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