30 September 2006

Going to America

Next Thursday we will be on a plane flying from Paris to New York City.

This will be my second trip back to the U.S. since the summer of 2003, and Walt's too.

We will miss our village and its quiet streets

Since we don't have poor old Collette the dog any more, we can travel together. Nobody needs to stay here to take care of Collette any more. We are going to spend a month in the eastern U.S., arriving in NYC and flying back out from Chicago to Paris in November.

Loire Valley autumn skies we will miss in October
(picture taken 27 September 2006 at La Renaudière)

English friends of ours will be taking care of our house. It's nice to have the house occupied while we are away.

La Renaudière sunset, 30 September 2006

It will be fun to drive around in a rental car through NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, KY, IN, and IL. Will we be able to tell the difference between the different states? Everything is so the same in the U.S. nowadays. NC is beginning to look a lot like CA, from what I hear and read.

La Renaudière clouds, 30 September 2006

We will miss October in the Loire Valley. It's a beautiful time of year. Last year it was warm right up until the end of October. But you never know, it could also be chilly and rainy while we are gone.

La Renaudière sunset, 30 September 2006

We'll be spending part of our time in upstate New York and part in coastal North Carolina, with stops and side trips to Washington DC and Atlanta GA.

We will miss our vegetable garden even though it is nearly finished now.

I plan to continue blogging as we travel around. I'm taking my camera.

La Renaudière sunset, 30 September 2006


  1. What a nice trip you have planned! We hope you have a wonderful time. Is the couple staying in your house the nice couple we met?
    Chris P

  2. Yes, Chris, it's Janet and David who are taking care of things. And David's brother is coming from England to stay for about 10 days.

  3. You accomodations are ready for you in Sidney, Illinois. The dogs are eagerly awaiting your visit as are the humans in the house!

  4. Harriett, can't wait. But have to I guess -- we'll be there in a month. I'll call you from NC before we leave there to drive on to Alabama and then Illinois. Hope you all are planning to use that new bread oven while we're there.

  5. Vous allez nous manquer, sniff :-( !!! Mais, nous sommes contents pour vous ! Il faudra TOUT nous raconter ;-) ! Bises. Marie

  6. Have a great trip, Ken and Walt. So sorry we won't see you in California!

  7. Lewis and I are looking forward to your visit. I'm a little bit worried about cooking for my two gourmand friends...

    The weather is delightful here so far this Fall and I'm sure that Halloween in 'Bama will amuse you both.

  8. What Ginny said. You've extended such delightful hospitality to us, we want to return it. Have a great trip! Looking forward to your take on autumn on the "back east."

  9. Have a great trip, Ken. If you and Walt are in Durham and want to grab lunch, drop me an email.


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