09 September 2006

More peppers

I did another batch of peppers last night and this morning, and they turned out to be a little harder to peel but easier to seed. I have a feeling that letting the peppers dry for two or three days in a warm, light place made it easier to get the seeds out.

Peppers in one bowl, seeds, stems, and skins in a strainer

The juice that drained off the discarded parts, ready to go over the peppers

Another batch ready for eating or freezing

I also think these peppers were not quite as ripe as the ones in the first batch, so the flesh is firmer.

Yesterday's eggplants

Now I have a basketful of eggplants, picked yesterday. I'm thinking some kind of layered eggplant & roasted pepper dish, maybe with tomatoes too. Cheese or not. Need to look through some cookbooks and do some Google searches for ideas.

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