08 May 2020

Déconfinement, masques, et œufs

Here's the map. The French authorities have been working on it all week. The area in green has been given the green light to start "deconfining" people. The areas in red will stay under a stay-at-home order. This plan goes into effect on Monday, May 11.

Paris is 200 km/120 mi. from St-Aignan

I added Paris and St-Aignan to the map to give you an idea what areas we are talking about here. The Paris area and the whole northeast of the country (Champagne, Picardy and le Nord, Lorraine, Alsace, Franche-Comté, Burgundy) are in the red zone. It's not clear what the rules for those areas will be. In the green area, we will be allowed to move freely within 60 miles of our residence with not need for any special paperwork in our car. I believe masks will be obligatory in shops, offices, and supermarkets. I don't know if open-air markets are going to be allowed to re-open.

Above is a shot of yesterday morning's moonset. Below is today's.

I was able to till up half of our vegetable garden plot yesterday. It was the half that hadn't been covered by a tarp over the winter — weeds had taken over. It wasn't too muddy though. Two comments: (1) I'm always afraid I won't have the strength to do the job (advanced age, you know), but again this year it wasn't too bad. Walt had already run the mower over the ground. I'm going to run the tiller through it again today. (2) The other half of the garden plot is still covered. It will be much easier to till. I'll probably do that part next week. We'll start setting out plants in about a week, weather permitting. I took the photo below and the ones above from inside the house through a back window.

Some good news about the week just ending is that we got masks, so we can comply with the rules whenever we decide to go out in public over the next few weeks or months. They say masks will be required in situations where you can't be sure to stay one meter from any other person. Walt bought two masks at the pharmacy a couple of days ago, and yesterday the mayor (our neighbor) brought us two more masks. Another good thing is we "scored" some eggs, so we'll be making a spinach quiche for today's lunch.


  1. I am glad that you now have eggs, and also masks....And I am glad your restrictions will be eased somewhat...We are slowly allowing more things to happen in Ohio, but I will be staying at home and observing how things go for quite a while before I make any changes. Of course, I am lucky to be able to do that...... Such strange times.

    1. My plan is similar to yours. I plan to keep ordering groceries and going to pick them up, avoiding the store interior. The main thing that will change is that we won't have print out a form stating the purpose of our trip, signed, dated, and time-stamped. I don't know if the local restaurants and cafés will re-open, but I won't be going to any of them if they do.

  2. Interesting about the moon in your morning. See my post tomorrow, in 8 hours time.

  3. I went to a farmstand yesterday...since it's open sided I prefer that to the grocery store and I just needed fresh veggies/fruit....only about 30% of the customers had masks and none of the employees.....booo

  4. Those moonshots are beautiful. Bravo on the tilling. You are still fit!

  5. My outing yesterday was uneventful. My guestimate is 50% were wearing masks. I was lucky and I did not have to wait at all to self-check my groceries. My cat's insulin arrived yesterday in it's styrofoam box with 3 packages of "freezer bags" that had lost their "coldness" but since insulin is still good as long as it is out of the light. I was not so lucky with the elastic that I ordered 2 weeks ago from just Oakland CA. On the tracking it showed that it had arrived at my local post office and it was already out on the truck...but it never arrived yesterday. I will be sewing more masks for my senior friends once it arrives.

    It always is a good sign when one can accomplish a physical feat like your rototilling. That can really be grueling. I haven't had to do that in over a decade. Congratulations in your accomplishment, Ken! You must be a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. All those healthy meals and daily exercise really have kept you in tiptop condition! Photos of the start of your garden will be eagerly anticipated here!

    I haven't been up early enough to notice the moon! Yours are welcoming and tomorrow I will make it a point to notice!

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Congrats on getting so much of the garden tilled! Big job, big job.

  7. Nice start to your potager. You are wise to avoid stores if possible. While they restrict the # going in, and everyone has to be masked, I've found if some people do lengthy shopping, the number inside builds up so too many to distance properly. Interesting Covid map - is the divide urban versus rural?


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