22 August 2016

Tomates, aubergines, papillons

Some things I saw and photographed on my walk with the dog yesterday morning. I'll just post the pictures.

I think I'm injuring myself by processing photos and writing blog posts. It seems to be a repetitive stress injury, and it's in my right arm and shoulder, up into my neck. I had trouble sleeping because of it last night, and this morning I've realized what the cause of the pain is. Maybe I need to take a few days off.


  1. Be well! Cold will help if it's inflammation. Gentle stretches may also help.

  2. Let Walt post some of your photo's for the next fortnight...
    and let some of this weeks sun get to the spot!!
    You rest, your husband is there to care!!
    You'd do the same for him....

  3. Maybe rub some tiger balm on that shoulder? And although your daily publishing is very highly appreciated, a few days of leave will be approved by your readers :-)! Get better soon, Ken.

  4. Wonderful photos. Your veggie garden is looking good. I've found Arnica Montana to be helpful for this sort of thing; it's an anti-inflammatory. Maybe you've already tried it. Feel better.

  5. Sorry to hear you are suffering. Many of us will miss your postings for a few days but I think you are well overdue for a holiday from posting anyway and will come back all the better for it.
    I have not been able to comment for some weeks now but its working again today so a chance to tell you again with many thanks how much your daily reports cheer me up and how much we are looking forward to our next break in Saint-Aignan in September. Not long now!

  6. Better rest up and get your shoulder in shape before you get started processing all those tomatoes.

  7. My husband had something like that ( "repetitive" something injury.) Try to stop doing the same thing ( it will hurt anyway) for a while and let it heal. His was in his wrist also, from working .
    Aspirin worked on the inflammation.
    Then you can also do this - dictate your posts , there must be someone :) there who will do the typing for you lol ...

  8. Hmmm, I tried in vain to send a message earlier from my phone. I hope you are well soon. It may be that your arm pain is coming from your neck somehow and the angle it's in when you are at the computer. If it doesn't improve you may need to visit a doctor. Take care, we'll be here when you've healed. I've got my fingers crossed that this problem will get better asap.


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