12 August 2016

Grape differences

I don't know what's going on with this grape plant. It has some kind of malady, I'm sure. But it is strikingly colorful.
Meanwhile, most of the grape plants and grapes out in the vineyard look like the one below — very green.
Yesterday when I went out for my walk with the dog, I had to put on jeans, a shirt over my tee-shirt, and a fleece jacket. That's how chilly it was outside. I saw one of the guys who works in the vines. He was dressed like me but with a wool cap on his head. We looked at each other and laughed.


  1. It is downright chilly at night even here in the south. But it still is scorching during the day. Perfect summer, actually.

    1. We've had a few chilly days but most have been nice and warm enough. Now it's getting hot again, but the mornings seem to be staying cool. If this weather would last into October, we'd be happy campers.

  2. Looks like esca symptoms on the vine leaves to me.


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