19 August 2016

Shades of brown

We ended up getting some rain yesterday. It fell for about an hour in the morning, but there wasn't enough of it to make much difference. Our environment is basically brown these days. We might have a slightly damp weekend, but more sunny and hot weather is promised for next week.

The dog has always been brown, of course, even though she's called a red border collie. Callie is 9½ years old now. Above, she was watching Walt work in the vegetable garden, hoping, probably, for a chance to play ball for a few minutes.

A few minutes earlier, out on our walk around the vineyard, I had noticed a lot of brown, fuzzy, spiky end-of-summer plants in the bright sunlight. I took these photos on Wednesday, the day before our weather pattern changed.


  1. It's things like those brown, fuzzy, spiky weeds that have to be pulled out of our white dog's coat almost daily.

  2. Oh I like those fuzzy brown things too ! They release the fluff (seeds) in the pods and that grows somewhere else .. Callie is so pretty .. she has years to go yet :)

  3. Excellent portrait of Callie.

  4. She's just such a gorgeous dog! Great picture!


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