24 August 2006

More Intermarché ads

Here are some more of the interesting fresh foods advertised in this week's Intermarché supermarket ads. (See the pork specials here.)

Six quail (or quails — the American Heritage Dictionary accepts both) for 6€00. Origin France. That comes to 6€25 a kilo, and the cailles are certified PACprêtes à cuire, or ready to cook — and nues — nude. That means they have been plucked and cleaned and don't contain any giblets, I believe. I wonder what quail would cost in the U.S., and how easy they would be to find. 6€25 a kilo is about $3.69 a pound.

Another special this week is fresh sardines, fished from the northeast Atlantic Ocean. Other sardines are fished right off France's Atlantic coast or in the Mediterranean — I see them on the fishmonger's display at the farmers' market in Saint-Aignan on Saturday mornings. These are sold whole, so it's up to you to clean and, if you want, filet them. 1€55 a kilo = $0.92 a pound. I think the ones at the farmers' market are a lot more expensive.

Here's what they say about hungry sardines in French: « Quand ça a dîné, ça r'dîne ! » Get it?

These are shark (requin) steaks, described as shark loin (longe). The sharks have also been fished in the northeastern part of the Atlantic. The shark loin has been frozen and thawed (longe de requin décongelée) so it has to be cooked right away. It's $3.50 a pound.

Finally, in the way of meat and fish, there's a special on rabbit (lapin) this week. You get about ten pieces of rabbit and a little bag of herbes de Provence per package, and the idea is that you cook it on the barbecue. The price per pound is about $3.50. Origin France.


  1. It would be so nice to get rabbit in the grocery stores here. You can get them sometimes in specialty stores, where they are outrageously expensive.

    The look of those ads is very interesting - the style is almost reminiscent of 50's americana, strangley enough.

  2. Thanks for doing this entry Ken. Food ads (and their fascinating prices) are always interesting.
    Chris P


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