10 August 2006

Le jardin de Marthe

In my recent posting about our stop at Yèvre-le-Châtel, near Pithiviers, I mentioned that CHM's friends live in a pretty valley in the otherwise flat Beauce region and have a beautiful garden full of flowers.

If you've been looking at this blog and my pictures for long, you know that I can't resist a nice flower. My Canon S70 camera takes beautiful close-ups in good light conditions (though it is not my favorite camera).

With that introduction, and no further ado, here are some pictures of Marthe's flower garden.

Looking down from the top of the hill, near the house

The garden is across a little dead-end lane from the house Pierre and Marthe live in, and it runs down a hill toward the little river at the bottom of the valley. Marthe spends a lot of time designing and planting perennials along with annual flower beds so that the colors and shapes go together just as she wants them.

At the bottom of the garden, a gravel path and a nice stretch of lawn

She apologized for the state of the garden when I was there on July 15, saying it had long passed its peak flowering. The weather was hot and had been for a few weeks. She said I should come back in the spring.

Notice here that one flower has four petals and the other has five

You be the judge, however, of the beauty of the garden. The flower close-ups follow. I don't know enough about flowers to tell you what they are all called. However, I do see roses, a water lily, a hollyhock, a morning glory, and a day lily (not necessarily in that order).


  1. I was hoping you'd tell us more about the garden and the valley. Thanks!
    Chris P

  2. I'm really not much of a flower-person, but these are really beautiful - especially the orange ones (no idea what they're called - I told you I wasn't a flower person, hahaha) ;)
    Very nice photos.

  3. Susan, maybe you can tell Run Around Paris and me what the orange flowers are. Or Chris? Somebody? CHM will see this soon and he'll know.


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