24 May 2024

What we're hoping for

Here's the kind of weather we are hoping and waiting for. Maybe someday...

Right now, skies stay gray and it rains every day. Sometimes it rains hard, and it usually rains in the afternoon. Mornings are chilly and cloudy. There is flooding up north, but not here. Everybody's complaining. I ran into a neighbor yesterday and his first words were: "Do you think this will ever end?" I do, but I don't know when. Actually, forecasts are for a relatively sunny, warmer weekend. I hope they are accurate. But more rain next week...sigh.

This is the forecast map for this afternoon. The red dot shows where Saint-Aignan is — south and west of Paris and just east of Tours. The little white specks all over the map mean (a chance of) hailstones.


  1. Wow, that is a whole bunch of rain!
    It has been changing up and down, wet and dry, cloudy and sunny, hot and cool, every day. Hopefully your weather will change into something enjoyable this weekend. That top photo is a beauty, Ken.

  2. It's become Rouen everywhere! Hoping for good weather during the Olympics.

  3. Mary in Oregon24 May, 2024 20:30

    I read an article in nyt this morning saying Europe had the highest forecast for hot, hot, hot weather this summer (they did say southern europe would be the worst). Not today, that map is not summery.

  4. That's a lot of hail stone possibility!

  5. Ugh!


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