24 March 2023

Mars 2015 (4)

Just one picture today. It's big enough to count as several pictures, though. This is the Paris landmark called the Colonne de Juillet, which stands on the Place de la Bastille — the spot where the famous Bastille prison stood until the 1789 Revolution Française. The column was built about 50 years after the revolution, in the 19th century.


  1. This is all noise! This column doesn’t commemorate the Revolution of 1789, but the Revolution of 29 July 1830.
    The statue on top of it is called le Génie de la Liberté. Aristide Bruant made a song about it.

    1. Perhaps you misread the post, chm. Ken didn’t say the column commemorates the Revolution of 1789. He said it stands on La Place de La Bastille etc..

    2. Anonymous, Ken didn’t say anything about what that column commemorates. He just said it is called la colonne de Juillet and stands on the Place de la Bastille. As it happens, there were two revolutions in July. The best known on the 14th. The casual reader could be confused. I just wanted to explain what that column, erected where the Bastille was, stood for.

  2. A beautiful gathering spot for protests to this day.

  3. On one of the few beautiful, sunny days we had in January, I was able to get a great picture of this column.


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