22 March 2023

Mars 2015 (2)

Pictures from March 2015. The big photo shows Bert the 17-year-old black cat. He still prowls and hunts. Yesterday he brought us two mice. The back yard is his domain at this time of the year. I guess I should have cleaned the window before I took this picture of him. The other photos show plants as they look in March here in Saint-Aignan. And other life forms. What's that old riddle? Why did the earthworm cross the road?


  1. It's good to know that Bert is aging well- he's a handsome fellow!

  2. I don’t especially like cats in general, but lBertie is a really sweet guy.
    Did I give you that Agave Americana? Or was it Cheryl?
    The earthworm looks like an Orvet, a legless lizard.

  3. It was la dame aux cerises (Gisèle) who gave me the agave, I believe. I remember that she had one growing on her property. As for the worm, I don't think it's a reptile, but I don't know.


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