27 March 2014

Staying busy

The trip is coming up fast. I leave Sunday at noon from Blois, by train, to go to Paris. Then I'll take the regional train (the RER) from central Paris out to CDG airport at Roissy-en-France.

I'm making lists. Choosing the suitcase and carry-on I'll take with me. Deciding what clothes to wear and what ones to pack. Shopping for small gifts for relatives in North Carolina (cookies, chocolates, mustard, wine...). Making sure I have my camera, some SD cards, my Android tablet, the power supplies, USB cables, and battery chargers.

Walking the dog. Processing pictures and blogging. Cooking (blanquette de veau on this gray day). Still working on setting up the new computer and sorting out all my files and photos. Those are my days right now.

Posting three probably familiar photos of the Renaudière vineyard, where we live, to show what it looks like in late March 2014.


  1. Well, Ken, I for one am looking forward to
    some Carolina photos.

  2. Packing is such a problem, particularly if we don't want to pay a surcharge for luggage. It is easier when visiting family as we can borrow some of their clothes, particularly heavy coats... When we go to Hawaii, we only bring a carry on, buy extra at K-Mart for cheap and leave them to a charity on our way back. Have a wonderful time Ken!

  3. I hope you have a sunny Sunday and your packing goes well.

  4. Hi Evelyn, got your itinerary. Everything is on track. And the blanquette was delicious,, BTW.

    Hi Nadege, I take very little with me in the way of clothes when I go to North Carolina. I just buy reasonably priced clothes when I get there. I always come back with a full suitcase.

  5. That is what I do when I go to France now. I bring back clothes with me.

  6. There is an exhibit at our art museum right now, on French Impressionism. We were there Tuesday, and there was an older gent leading a tour of 12-ish year olds. At one point, he stopped in front of a painting that was of a vineyard in winter :) He had to ask a number of leading questions to get the kids to figure out what it was. I was tempted to shoot my hand up in the air and say, "If you'd been following Ken or Walt's blogs regularly, you'd know what this is!" *LOL*

  7. Have a safe journey and a great time!

  8. Bonjour, Ken. Je me demande: c'est quoi l'avantage de conduire à Blois au lieu d'attraper le train à la gare Saint Aignan Noyers qui est à deux pas de chez vous?
    Bon voyage!

    1. C'est d'abord une question de prix. Blois-Austerlitz, 10 euros. Et puis je préfère arriver à la gare d'Austerlitz pour aller à Roissy. De Montparnasse, c'est plus compliqué. Sans parler de la correspondance à Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, où on peut attendre une heure ou deux, selon les horaires.

  9. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Looking forward to visiting Carolina again via your posts :-)

  10. 10,00 € pour aller à Paris? A ce prix là, c'est du vol! :-)


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