05 March 2014

Five times, in “brooms”

Are you five times older than your car? Or more? I'm five times older than my Peugeot. The car turned 13 in December. I am turning 65 today. If my arithmetic is right, 5 x 13 = my age. Ouch.

The old stone shed in the vineyard is probably older than I am, but my Peugeot is much younger.

My age is higher than the high temperature we are expecting to have this afternoon — even on the Fahrenheit scale. The local weather is improving, however. We now expect a full seven days of sunshine (but not 65 of them).

I'm definitely older than this flower... but who knows the age of the bulb it grew from? Rhetorical question.

I'm older than my father was when he passed away. But I'm not yet older than my mother! I'm older than my sister, who would say that I'm three days older than dirt.

I like to think that these trees are older than I am, but then maybe not. They're taller, though.

I'm older than Callie, even if you count in dog years. I've got clothes older than a lot of people I know. I'm about six times older than the number of years I've spent living in Saint-Aignan.

I'm led to believe that a lot of the vines in the Renaudière vineyard are older than I am.

Anyway, even at 65 balais — that's what they say in French slang: "65 brooms"* — I'm not as old as most of my neighbors, or many of my friends. So there's still hope. Happy Birthday to me.

* One possible explanation for the brooms is that people used to get a new broom every year, because the old one was worn out and, as you know, a new broom sweeps clean. So if you had, or had had, 65 brooms in your life, that was your age.


  1. Happy Birthday Ken!

    As it happens I'm 5 x the age of my 2004 Scenic (although I've only owned it for 9 months).

    - happy sweeping...


  2. Happy Birthday Ken, and '65' returns of the day :). Hope you'll have a nice relaxing day with lots of sunshine, fine food and a some bubbles to mark the occasion. Here's to you!
    Martine xxx

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Best wishes,
    Gaynor and Tim

  4. Happy Birthday. You should have a pleasant day and 65 is not old enough to be counting the things older and younger than you. I'm still 2 years behind you. Stay healthy and cooking -- that's the secret!

  5. Happy Birthday....kid! You're not older than me!

  6. Hippo birdy two ewes,
    Hippo birdy two ewes,
    Hippo birdy deer Ken,
    Hippo birdy two ewes...

    Have a very nice day...
    a very, very nice day...
    and, we have no doubt...
    a very tasty meal.

    Here's to many, many more,
    Tim & Pauline

  7. Happy birthday from a loyal reader!
    My Ford back home is 21 years old so even at 60, I have far to go!.
    But I am visiting Brittany at the moment and I notice that we are indeed to have a week of sunshine! So to sunny days and sunny moods and of course, bonne chance et courage!

  8. Happy Birthday Ken - enjoy your special day - blue skies and sunshine what more could you ask for!

    Best wishes
    Carol & Michael

  9. Happy Birthday, Ken, and many happy returns!

  10. go out and buy yourself a new broom; happy birthday ken! I'mma right behind you (at 60).

  11. Balai neuf, balaie volontiers!

    65 brooms = 1 vacuum cleaner!

  12. A very Happy Birthday to you, relax and enjoy!

  13. Well, your blog entries make us all 65 times happier than any other blogs, so take that! :) Happy, happy birthday, Ken :)

  14. Older AND wiser than your car, I'm sure, Ken.

    Happy Birthday and may your year be filled with all manner of satisfactions: good days, good weather, good food, good adventures and good friends most of all.

  15. Salut, Ken. J'ai eu mes 65 berges au mois de novembre.

    People sometimes say they don't feel older as they age, but in truth, I think we do, at least I have noticed those incremental physical changes that point to a decrease in our capacities, such as stamina. But it's OK as that's a part of the natural process.

    And you're OK, too, Ken, as Al Franken said in his SNL skit, "gosh darnit, and people like me."

    You don't say how you plan to celebrate your birthday, but Norma and I wish you all the best and many more healthy, happy ones.

  16. happy birthday! yay! 65 brooms and going strong!

  17. i am looking forward to getting my 65 brooms in a row in july....Cheers to a wonderful broomday & champagne for everyone

  18. Joyeux anniversaire Ken.

    Enjoy your day :-)

    une petite bise de Montréal

  19. Turning 65 has some definite benefits for you and readers of this sympa post.

    Your first photo is one of my favorites...ever! It shows Spring coming to your hamlet and vineyard.

    With age comes wisdom and great blog moments, enjoy your day.

  20. What a clever blog post! Take time to smell the roses, even if they are younger than you are.

    Happy Birthday, mon ami.

  21. Hippo bathday!!!
    I hope you have a great day!
    Many happy returns from me, Nick & Lulu.

  22. Happy Birthday. Hope that you had a great day. All the best Diane and Nigel.

  23. I'm checking in after a long spell of not keeping up with your blog. Miss you! You are 65 brooms young, and I wish you many more brooms. Good health, happiness, and abundance to you on your birthday and always!
    Love, Ginny

  24. Happy birthday, Ken!
    Wishing you cake and laughter.
    See you in October!

  25. It is not midnight in France yet so I made it on time. Happy birthday Ken!

  26. Happy Birthday and as always thanks for sharing your simple, lovely life with us all!

  27. Happy birthday! I've been looking forward to turning 65 because that seems to be the age at which you ALWAYS get the senior discount! Then a few years ago we were traveling and I saw a sign that gave the discount for age 65 and then an additional discount for those who were 90! *Sigh* Yet another milepost to reach for!

  28. Happy Birthday Ken !

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful brooms with those of us who follow your blog. I hope you had a tasty celebration with Walt.

  29. Thanks, everybody... you regulars, and you who I see rarely or not before. Somehow, with all your good wishes, I don't feel any older today than I did day before yesterday.

  30. Yes, I believe you were the first one I heard utter the phrase: "I've got T-shirts that are older than he is."

    Happy Birthday (again).


  31. Ken, Even I am older than you!
    Happy belated birthday!

  32. Harriett, wiser too...

    Simon, hahaha. Thanks for the comment.


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