01 March 2014

It's moving day... moving back in, I mean

The kitchen work is finished. Circulez, il n'y a rien à voir... There's not much to look at right now. Just a bunch of pots and pans on the stove, left from cooking lunch yesterday: Italian-style Roma beans (cocos plats à la sauce tomate), with polenta and saucisses aux herbes. It was nice to be able to cook again.

It's kind of surreal to see these sunny-day pictures, after all the heavy and hard rain we had yesterday.

I planted this plum tree out in the back corner a few years ago...

...and its blossoms are pretty but it hasn't produced much fruit yet.

The perennial plant called saxifrage or Mongolian tea.

So bear with me. Enjoy these photos of back-yard flowers (cyclamen, plum blossons, saxifrage) and try not to think about us scrubbing, mopping, and wiping. We haven't decided if we're going to put everything back in the kitchen just as it was, or if we are going to make changes in the way things are laid out.


  1. ...make changes in the way things are laid out...

    Personally, I would be waiting until I'd chosen the new cooker...

    Yesterday wasn't pleasant, was it?
    We went to get a new bit of equipment from a place just outside Loches...
    they said that they had recorded 16mm in 20 minutes a couple of hours before we arrived... along with 12 overnight...
    we'd spotted the flooding!!

    And the eye of the system passed right over you....
    so you would have experienced twice what we had at least...
    looking at the satellite anyway!!

    Still, it is sunny at the moment, get everything back in place as quickly as possible and enjoy the outdoors!!

  2. Tim, the new cooking stove that we buy will be the same size as the old one. We can't accommodate a wider model along with the dishwasher, and we are not willing to do without the dishwasher. Space is limited. We've found a likely candidate for the new stove at Boulanger, so we have to drive over to Tours one day this week to see if they have a floor model we can examine.

  3. By the way, you almost need hip boots to wear outdoors, unless you stay on the gravel paths and roads.

  4. I think I know the plant you call saxifrage as bergenia, or Elephant's Ears. Right now they're looking really good. P.


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