03 March 2014

Finishing up with the kitchen

This was not at all a kitchen remodel. It was a ceiling repair. It was spring cleaning. It was a good thing to get done now, as the milder weather sets in, and the garden work starts. Now we can focus on other projects.

We decided the walls didn't
need to be repainted for now.
A good wiping down and
cleaning of walls, tile,
radiator, and floor was
enough. It's only the
ceiling finish that is new.

This is the halogen light fixture
that caused us a lot of trouble.
Parts of it keep coming loose.
It needs to be replaced, I guess.
Problem is, we'd need the same
one because there are two holes
in the brand new ceiling where
the arms of the fixture are attached.

We bought this kitchen as is in
2003,when we bought the house,
with only minor changes. It's a
French kitchen of the 1960s or '70s,
and it's fine (though small). We painted
the walls yellow, and took the doors off
the cabinets to paint them and then decided
not to put them back. on.  We had
some electrical work done (more
outlets) and repainted the radiator.
We had a new window put in.
Now we have a new ceiling.

We also added these pot racks.
The lower one is recent.
There's never enough storage space
in a kitchen, is there?
The refrigerator is a Samsung
frost-free model that has given
us good service for 10½ years
We have a Whirlpool dishwasher
that's of the same vintage.

Now we need to replace the stove.
It's too bad, because it still looks new,
but the manufacturer says it would cost
more to refurbish it than it would cost
to buy a new one. So we're going to
get a new one. With all the cooking
we do, it'll be worth the investment.

Our homeowner's insurance covered the cost of the ceiling repair, with no deductible, because the damage was caused by stormy weather. That has turned out to be a nice birthday present. With the work we did, it's almost like having a new kitchen.


  1. As ou said, with all the cooking you guys do, the stove is not where you want to save pennies.

  2. Yes, you have a very defined space for a stove, but you have cooked successfully on it for many years. I would never bother cleaning hotplates if I had a lid that closed down over them.

  3. It looks great!
    You have done well with your dishwasher and fridge, for them to last so long.
    I can highly recommend the Ariston cooker we have in LGP. it has an electric fan oven and the typical three gas and one electric burners.
    We had a cheaper make for about a year but the oven was slow to heat up and seemed variable, so we changed it.
    A new cooker is a big investment but an important one when you love cooking.

  4. Jean, the kitchen stove we are interested in right now is a Rosières model. But at Boulanger in Tours there's also an Ariston/Hotpoint as well as a Smeg that might fit the bill. There's no great hurry because the one we have works, except for the electric burner. We're just cooking on the gas flames and in the oven.

    The standard width for such appliances in France is 60 cm, but you can of course find narrower and wider models. We have 60 cm of space available if we want to keep our dishwasher where it is.


  5. We installed a SMEG "Piano", at first I was hesitant about an Italian make, but quite frankly dollars for donuts, a fantastic buy.

  6. I like the new furniture arrangement. With the table placed this way, the kitchen looks larger. But it may not be as easy to turn around it.

  7. Your kitchen feels like an aesthetically-pleasing well-oiled machine, to me... you know, every bit of it is well thought out, every bit of it is used regularly to great success -- it really looks great.

    Are you going to keep the island table facing that direction?

    Are those beautiful framed veggie photos your own photos (that you or Walt have taken)?

  8. Bonjour CHM, Aux Bouleaux il n'y a plus de sens giratoire. Think of a sidewalk café. You can sit with your back to warm sunshine or a hot radiator and take in the kitchen scene.

  9. Judy, we are liking the table/island that way and think it may be permanent. The framed photos on the wall are some of Walt's.

  10. That sounds great! I'll be right over!

    On the other hand, here in NoVa, all the low vegetation has disappeared under a blanket of fresh snow. Even though it's beautiful, I'm sick and tired of it.

  11. You have probably already asked local appliance repair persons for a second opinion, but replacing one electric burner certainly seems like a plausible alternative rather than an entirely new stove. The manufacturer obviously would benefit from you purchasing a new one (assuming you replace with the same brand).
    Wishful thinking, perhaps, but around here that's definitely another way to go.
    Mary in Oregon


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