04 June 2011

Picking and cooking greens

And cooking them. I picked about a bushel of greens yesterday. Half mustard greens — they're all harvested now. And half collard greens. I have a lot of collards left growing in the garden.

France-grown collards (above) and mustard greens (below)

The collard harvesting was a thinning. I pulled the plants up by the roots. Then I cut the leaves off the stems and washed them (the leaves) out in the yard in a big plastic storage bin, using the garden hose. I did the same with the mustard greens. Of those, there were only six plants. Big bushy plants though.

About a peck each of collards (above) and mustard greens (below)

I think I have at least a quart of each kind of greens, cooked. That will make several meals, depending on whether they are intended as the main course or as a side dish.

Cooked collards on the right, mustard greens on the left

I guess it's weird that I get excited about greens, but I do. You might be tired of reading about them. I don't get tired of eating them, however.

A reflection of the kitchen cabinets in a stainless steel pot lid

Again, I cooked them in water and white wine, with salt, pepper, and some duck fat as seasonings. We had some for lunch with polenta and grilled pork chops.

A single mustard plant, grown for the greens


  1. I love greens and am envious of
    those small, surely tender,
    leaves. Not what one finds
    in the supermarket. Also
    enjoy reading about them...
    great photos.

  2. You have a good way of washing the greens and cooking them too!

  3. nope we arent tired of hearing about them at all! great work. today i'm planting more okra and wishing you well.

  4. Love the reflection in the pot.

  5. What's the difference between mustard greens and curly kale? Or are they the same thing, do you know?


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