28 June 2011

Cœur normal, but check your engine

Votre examen est normal, Monsieur. Your exam shows nothing abnormal. That's what the cardiologist said. That was good news. I didn't much appreciate the notation on my diagnosis that I have a surcharge pondérale. But I know it's true. Wonder why?

Other good news: the air conditioner in the Peugeot was working just fine. The thermometer readout on the dashboard showed 39ºC — 102ºF — all afternoon, outside. Inside, it was a cool 25ºC or less.

Red and black punaises (stink bugs) on parsley flowers

But then on the way home, just 10 miles from Saint-Aignan, as I slowed down for a STOP sign, the car conked out. It restarted okay and I drove it on home, but the témoin d'autodiagnostic moteur idiot light stayed lit up the whole way. That's the "check engine" light, I believe. So now I have to go see the mechanic. I hope he's not closing his garage for all of July and August — les grandes vacances.

This branch broke under the weight of the apples on it
when we had rain and a little wind last week.

It's probably time for a new car. Or a "new" voiture d'occasion. The Peugeot will soon be 11 years old. I really want a Citroën, but I have to find one I like. And I'd like for the dollar to go up a little against the euro, please.

The geraniums on the front deck are electric red this year.

It's raining this morning. Well, sprinkling. There was lightning and thunder overnight, but only a drop or two of rain. It's still hot (nearly 25ºC/77ºF) right now at 7:00 a.m. It's supposed to cool down quite a bit by tomorrow. With any luck, we'll get some more rain.


  1. what kind of plant is that? where the stink bugs are. . .also, is that an apple tree?

  2. I'm full of questions like Jason. What's a surcharge pondérale? I thought you might get another Peugeot or Renault, but you mention Citroen?

    I love the stink bugs and parsley photo- it looks like modern art.

    I hope your mechanic is in town and that your car is OK, conking is not OK,

  3. Surcharge pondérale , that's a diplomatic or politically correct way to say it ( here they will say "embonpoint")

    Good to hear that the heart is getting on very well. I guess the red wine is doing its job :-)

  4. WE too had a car problem -picked up a used truck yesterday and the dealer said he drove it earlier an d it ran fine.

    A block down the road from the dealer, the check engine light came for me! back to the dealer and sure enough somehow in the 2 minutes I drove it, some exhaust sensor went out and it was running rough.

    So a quick switch to a new one on them and I was on my way again with a "sorry about that" from the dealer - hope that is it as I will be attaching a 26' travel trailor and head to Montana for the summer on Thursday.

    Trout of Schnitze and the trout b log

  5. Wow - hard to believe you had 102 degrees. I'm sure that's oppressive with the humidity. Good thing the car started again. We had 117 degrees here yesterday, but only 4% humidity.

  6. Yes, the surcharge pondérale just means I'm (slightly, if I may) overweight. Well, it runs in the family, I say, and my weight has been stable for 10 years or more now.

    I have a good mechanic. As I told CHM this morning over the phone, I know people who have driven thousands of miles with the Check Engine light shining. But I'll go to see the mechanic this week.

    Diogenes, I guess the heat in Phoenix or Palm Springs or wherever is normal for you. Here it's abnormal. Yesterday it wasn't too humid, though hot, but today — ouf! Terrible. Not as hot, but twice as muggy.

  7. Jason, where the stink bugs are is in a patch of parsley that has gone to seed. And yes, it's just under a big apple tree.

    Evelyn, hi, I just want a Citroën. I like the Peugeot. I'm less enthusiastic about Renaults. Maybe the Peugeot problem will turn out to be pas grand'chose. The car seems to be running fine. Whatever the verdict, I plan to keep it, because it's in good shape.

  8. 102° F seems suspiciously high.
    Rien à signaler de Saint-Laurent-Nouan, j'espère.

  9. Dean, I think the car's thermometer always reads high. The real temperature was probably closer to 36ºC / 97ºF. It was hot, as it is today. It's not as hot today, with a breeze, but with high humidity.

  10. I'm glad there's nothing abnormal about you, but sorry the Peugeot is not the same!

  11. Fingers crossed that you get your dream car someday soon. And I'm glad the cardiologist gave you the thumbs up. :)

  12. Hi ckb,

    We are living in north Scottsdale now, but spend a lot of time in LA and PS. Yes the heat is "normal" -it's 113 today - but I never seem to get used to it. If you guys ever visit here, may I suggest November through March. ;-)

    Thank you for translating surcharge ponderale. Now I know how to describe my own waistline in French.

  13. Ginny, I just want a Citroën. I'm not sure that's a dream. I hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare!

    Diogenes, I remember visiting Salton City and Death Valley in October or April. Those were the only months that were tolerable. Or maybe February/March, if it didn't snow.


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