22 June 2011

Company — busy

We have company this week — old friends from California and their two grown children. We will be busy, I'm sure. I don't know how much blogging I'll do. So for today, just a picture:

The pond outside our back gate is drying up, and it has been almost completely taken over by the invasive jussie weed, also called Ludwigia or, in English, "water primrose." It might be hard to tell it's a pond by looking at my picture. I don't know if the village has any plans to do anything about eradicating the weed and returning the pond to its previous state.

P.S. It's 6:45 a.m. and guess what! It's raining. We're having a little thundershower, with just the softest rumblings from the sky. Now I have to hope the weather clears by noon or so because we want to take our visitors out and show them some of the sights.


  1. We had proper rain for a whole hour!! Lots of thunder, some lightening. Good luck with the weather...

  2. I hope you get some regular rain for a while to help your garden and fill up that little pond.

  3. I hope the rain did some good! Enjoy your friends!

  4. "water primrose" sounds a lot better than the other names for that weed.

  5. I presume it did stop... Loches was clear and dry by 11:30am, and the rain was coming from your direction. We recorded 16.2mm for the last 24hrs... only a respite from the watering tho' and the horti in our field will grow away nicely now!!

    WV is "erink".... a place to go virtual skating?

  6. It figures, does't it? When it's been dry we all want rain, but then when company comes, it rains. Just when we want to have beautiful weather...

    Murphy's Law. Do the French have a similar saying? I'm counting on you, Ken, as you seem to be a wealth of information like that :-0

    Enjoy your friends.

  7. Mary, here's a translation into French of the expression "Murphy's Law": la loi de l'emmerdement maximum. It must be used carefully, in the right company, not indiscriminately.

  8. Thanks Ken, I looked up the translation for emmerder and I can understand your urging of restraint in the usage.

  9. After reading Mary's comment this morning, I've been trying off and on all day to come up with a translation for "Murphy's Law" in French. I didn't get past "La Loi de Murphy" which obviously doesn't work.
    "La loi de l'emmerdement maximum" is perfect.
    Ça fait rire!
    Merci, Ken...et Mary (d'avoir posé la question).


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