19 April 2011

Plums and cherries

One thing is certain — a warm, sunny April means a great year for fruit here in the Loire Valley. On my walk yesterday afternoon, I went out and inspected the plum trees I planted a couple of years ago. They have quite a few plums on them. There weren't any last year.

I grew the trees from the pits of plums that came from a tree in our neighbors' yard. There are two of them, and they are about 12 feet tall now. I hope the plums are as good as the ones that provided the pits. I know that's not a sure thing.

Little red plums

These are small red plums that ripen early — in June. They are great for making jam, preserves, spicy plum sauce, clafoutis, tarts, or pies. I wasn't sure the trees grown from pits would ever bear fruit, but the signs are good. At this point, you might mistake them for cherries.


But wait, there are cherries too. They are still pretty small, and they're still green. But I know they are cherries. I've picked tons of them off the tree in you see in the pictures above and below.


This tree is out on the edge of the vineyard. In past years, nobody has come to harvest the cherries. They're sour cherries, good for jams, pies, and sauces. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get some again this year.


  1. Oh, boy! Love those posts about fruit jams and fruit tarts and all kinds of clever fruit-embellished dinners. Can't wait!


  2. I see lots of baking in your future!


  3. Your seasons are so ahead of ours! But I love hearing about them.

  4. Anticipation! Your plum trees didn't take long to produce their fruit. I still remember the delicious yellow plums out there beyond your back fence.

  5. Evelyn, one of those two trees that gave us yellow plums bit the dust in last year's big wind storm.

    I went and looked at the neighbors' tree where I got the plums for the pits I sprouted and grew. The little plums on their tree are the same shape as mine, but there's are green and mine are red. Wonder what that means.


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