06 April 2011

The busy season

A few springs ago, I planted oregano in the garden. Then the time came to till up the plot of soil it was growing in, so I dug it up and put it in a big plastic planter box.

Now it comes back every spring. Even the cold weather and snow we had last December didn't cause it to die back. In fact, it came back more beautiful than before. It's pretty to look at and good to eat too.


We are having amazing weather this week. It's sunny and warm. The high temperature this afternoon is predicted to be 23ºC — that's the mid-70s F. A lot of trees are covered in flowers, and the grass is really growing again.

That grass is a problem because the lawn mower stopped working yesterday. The motor runs fine, but it's self-propulsion feature seems to have given up the ghost. The mower has given us a good eight seasons of service, so we've decided to replace it. We can't live without a good lawn mower, and we especially need one right now.

Sunset a couple of days ago

I'm also busy with the rotary tiller, preparing garden plots for planting in about a month's time. The ground is still a little wet and heavy, but tilling it up at least superficially will help it dry out faster.

Today we're off to Blois to do some heavy-duty shopping. More paint for the hallway and stairwell, the mower, some things from one of the Asian groceries up there in the big town, and maybe some new vinyl chairs for the back yard.

Chez nous

This is the busy season. It's hard to realize that we will be able to live outdoors as much as indoors for the next six months. We'll be able to throw open the doors and windows. And watch the garden grow.


  1. What a beautiful concept, living outdoors as much as indoors for the next few months. It sounds wonderful to me, even though the garden is obviously a lot of work.

  2. An amazing mast headline photo on the top of the blog

  3. Rien de tel qu'un post comme celui-là pour commencer la journée de bonne humeur!

    Amazing picture indeed!

  4. always a treat to see a new header! I was just debating setting out the porch cushions this week.....better do it now before the pollen sets in ....there's a small window when we can use the screen porch & not have everything yellow.....which is why the new cushions r pollen yellow so it wont be as noticable....

  5. The new header picture is great! Hope you've enjoyed your shopping trip to Blois. I'm just about to start my Loire Valley Châteaux unit, so I'll be picturing you two in your car, with the new lawn mower in the back, buzzing by the château :))

    Happy Spring!


  6. This banner may be my favorite of all- or maybe it's just my Spring fever talking. Love it and love the thought of your being outdoors for so long.

    Our pollen is here, but so is an eyeful of beautiful foliage.

    I hope your shopping goes well.

  7. 8 years is not long for a mower. If you still have the owners manual it will tell you how to adjust the tension for the self propelling. It is pretty easy. My last mower went 14 years.

    Jeff in Illinois

  8. I really like your sunset photo really beautiful. It's great to be getting outdoors I can't wait for the warmer weather here in Scotland

  9. Our oregano is over ten years old and moved with us when we came to our present home, same with the sage.

    This weekend we will have our first high temp above 60 F. Really looking forward to non-winter weather.

    We of course are envious of your good weather. I considered tilling up the garden two weeks ago but got side tracked with clean-up, now it is raining and it will be awhile before the ground is dry enough to grind.

  10. Hooray for your good weather! Love the new header photo!



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