18 April 2011


The big purple irises are blooming out back by the garden shed. In this kind of weather, they do very well and the flowers last for a while. These are irises that were growing here when we moved in eight years ago, so they are well established.

It's another painting day. I have touch-up work to do on the area I've been working on — putting another coat on woodwork and on some places that need better coverage. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but there's still plenty to do.

On another subject: North Carolina really got slammed on Saturday when more than 60 tornadoes tore through the eastern part of the state. I talked to my mother yesterday and she said they were lucky in Morehead City. They had some strong winds but no tornadoes. The areas that had the greatest damage and the most deaths were counties to the west (Bladen Co.) and the north (Bertie Co.) by 100 miles or more, as well as the Raleigh area (140 miles NW).


  1. I'm glad your mother is okay. Here in Northern Virginia we had lousy weather, lots of rain but no tornado that I know of. Miss my SoCal blue skies and bright sun. That's life!

  2. I immediately thought of your mom and sister and extended family when I heard about the tornadoes down there. So sad, so scary... but, I'm sure glad to know that your family is fine.

    Beautiful irises :)


  3. Thanks for the iris pictures. These are my #1 favorite flower. Glad to hear your mom is OK; saw the tornadoes on the news.

  4. Good to hear your family is ok. The irises are beautiful!

  5. The devastation is incredible!

  6. Glad your mother is OK. I was thinking about her on Saturday. It was some scary, and apparently Raleigh is a mess.

    But you're funny -- that beautiful picture of an iris and the next line is about "another painting day." Oops, you don't mean Monet or Van Gogh kind of painting, though.


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