21 April 2011

Ongoing projects

Here's an update and a preliminary view of our painting project. The picture on the left, below, was taken about a year ago, after the staircase had been put in. You can see the lovely wallpaper and an old light fixture that we have moved upstairs. I stripped off the wallpaper in March, before my trip to North Carolina.

The picture on the right shows what the same part of the house looks like today. It is a preliminary view because the painting is not yet finished. And we of course haven't put anything up on the walls yet to break up the large expanse of white. We have a light fixture but aren't ready to put it up yet either. We also have to get sheer curtains for the glass block windows.

Walt posted a close up of the flowers on the lilac bush out back a few days ago. Here are a couple of other shots — one looking through the bush out to the street and the neighbors' house, and another showing the full lilac bush. It's not very big — maybe four feet high at the most.


  1. Oh, those are great shots! What beautiful lilac blooms! And, your newly-white stair area looks so clean and bright! Wonderful!


  2. You are all most to the "ta da" moment when the project is complete. It looks so good now.

  3. The stair well is so much better without the wall paper. Much more open and fresh looking.

  4. I'm envisioning a big neon sign on that blank wall. Something like "Coors". Just kidding.

  5. Hi Cheryl, LOL! It's not going to be Coors, but it will be a map of the Loire Valley vineyards. Classier? I don't know, but colorful. K.

    P.S. The word verification string is "winesth". Is that the superlative of "wine"?

  6. Hi Ken,

    I like Cheryl's vision of a nice big neon sign. It could outline the Loire Valley vineyards.

    You could pick the interactive upgrade with the row of buttons; one for each Appellation...push a button and that area flashes!

  7. The step above the curved step is higher that all the others. Attention! trip hazard.Better warn any guests you may have!

  8. Anonymous, the upstairs space is our bedroom. It's not public space. So we are the only ones who go up there and we know about that step. At least I know now. I never noticed the little difference in step height until Walt pointed it out to me a few days ago.

    Bill, if you could supply such a neon sign, I would gladly put it up. I guess Chinon and Bourgueil could be lighted up in red, and Vouvray and Montlouis in white. The eastern Touraine could feature both colors.


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