27 January 2010

Waiting and watching

Callie is either on the lookout for a deer or a hare, or she's like me: looking at the trees and dreaming of the day when the leaves will pop out again.

January in the Renaudière vineyards

It has turned cold again, after a relatively mild interlude. We've been seeing the sun rising and setting, and enjoying some sunlight for a few days now... until yesterday, which was the grayest day in a long while.

January sunset

Temperatures dropped all day, and it's way below freezing this morning. They say the freezing weather is good for the local vegetation. I hope so. And I know, it's not even February yet...


  1. That sunset photo is lovely.

    We're having another cold spell here, too. It's just about freezing now but at least it's not snowing.

  2. Chilly here also- soon it will be time for a super bowl of chili;-)

    Since our house is surrounded by trees, I'm enjoying this period of time when I can see much farther when I look out my windows. Callie probably likes her longer vistas as well since she can spot the deer and hare sooner.

    We have a few trees that still have their brown leaves- I used to know what their name is.

  3. Callie spotted a couple of little deer just a few minutes ago when we were out walking. I saw them too. She chased them hard but, darn it, they got away! Surprise, surprise.

    Our oak trees here keep their brown leaves over the winter.

  4. Why is it that winters seem so long and summers so short?

  5. Beautiful sunset picture!


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