18 January 2010

How Sunday became Monday

Here are a few more of the pictures I took Sunday afternoon. It was nice to see the sun, even though by late afternoon there were more clouds than blue patches in the sky.

Sunday afternoon, 16 January 2010
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Monday morning it was my turn to take the dog out for her walk again. I opened the shutters and realized why it was that it seemed like nighttime at 8:15 a.m. Fog!

The scene as I stepped out the back door at 8:20 a.m.

Looking out the road across the foggy vineyard a few minutes later...

...and looking back toward the house from a few hundred meters out.

It's not as foggy today but it's gray and the weather reports say rain is coming in from the southwest, blowing up from Spain and Basque country.

Air coming from that direction is laden with pollen that makes my eyes burn and my nose drip. Sorry to be so graphic, but misery loves company.

I'm going to the kitchen to make a batch of brownies and convert my American recipe into metric measurements. Then I'll eat the brownies to comfort myself.


  1. LOL, Ken.

    Cooking and eating a batch of brownies for comfort sounds like such a delightfully innocent splurge.

    Hmmmmm, I wonder if we have all the ingredients....

  2. Brownies on a grey morning is such a comforting food to have.

    We used to live in Nantes but have since moved to Clermont-Ferrand 2 years ago. I'm enjoying the sunny weather here that I missed when living in Nantes.

  3. Oh, wow! I hope you thoroughly enjoy the Brownies :) I would be thrilled to learn the conversions you come up with :)


  4. fog always seems to bring on the sinus headaches here....other day i had my yoga class....which is hard enuf on my old body but with sinus pressure, all those down dogs were torture...we're having a snap of warm weather after all that arctic stuff in dec

    r ur brownies baked with any "medical" ingredients? lol

  5. You have our sympathy. Allergies are a horrible affliction.

    Sugar and chocolate might not cure what ails you, but they'll make you happy.

  6. I used to rad all the time about how the sun almost never shines in Paris during the winter months, but I've been there during winter a couple of times, and although there are more gray days than I like, the days were sunlit more often than not.

  7. Starman, it turned out to be sunny hear today, and pleasant. Even my hay fever eased off before noon. The rain is supposed to come in tonight or early tomorrow morning.

    Melinda, no alternative medecines in my brownies. Just sugar, butter, chocolate, and flour.

    Carolyn, thanks. My worst day was last Friday. Since then, not too bad. We'll see what this front moving through tonight and tomorrow brings. My allergies were much worse when I lived in California.

  8. Hay fever is awful. I hope the brownies help.


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