28 January 2010

Le château de Saint-Aignan

This is the château and part of the town of Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher, 40 km south of Blois and 60 km east of Tours, in the Loire Valley. I've lived here for nearly 7 years now.

Click on the pictures to see larger views

On the right there are ruins of fortifications dating from about the year 1000. Toward the right is the Renaissance château, from the 1500s. This is the back side of the château, seen from the north as you cross the bridge into town. Below the château are what are called "bourgeois" houses — in other words, the kind of big houses you find in cities and towns.

The grand side of the château faces south, into the sun. The Saint-Aignan château is privately owned and not open to the public.


  1. would love to know what it's like inside......we stumbled on it when we went to look at the weird house nearby with gypsies living next door....the view from every room woould be lovely.....do u know if the family in it has always owned it? they should have a candlelight xmas tour or something

  2. Double clicking on both photos today yields lovely pictures. I love cities like these which rise from the riverbanks.

    I bet you would be able to catch sunrise/sunset easily from the castle.

    Can't believe you are in your 7th year in St/A. Tempus fugit and all that!

  3. We visited the grounds of the Chateau in 2009. I have a lovely picture of my daughters, just to the left of your view in your picture....in front of a beautiful stone wall covered with rose vines...I think they were roses.

    It is a pretty spot.

  4. Beautiful and to think it's just down the street a bit. Life is good for you guys.


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