23 January 2010

Meanwhile, back in Saint-Aignan

Back in Saint-Aignan, even in winter, the sun comes up every morning. Some days you can barely tell it, the cloud layer is so thick. But on other days, it's spectacular. I'm glad when the spectacular sunrises happen on mornings when it's my turn to go out with the dog.

Looking back east toward the house. Can you tell
how far south the sun comes up in January?

At about 8:30 the sun wasn't up above the horizon yet.

Here's a wider view a little further down the road.

As the sun came up, more fog formed. For a minute or two
the golden globe completely disappeared. I walked up to
the highest point in the vineyard and saw this.

The finale — a couple of minutes later the sky was blue and
the sun was too bright for me to photograph it.
The whole event lasted maybe 10 minutes

(Don't forget that you can click on the pictures to see an enlargement.)


  1. So beautiful! You get quite a show at sunrise and Callie gets her walk about also. I can understand why ancient people worshipped the sun.

    It's a blustery unsunny day in 'Bama, but the daffodils are starting to emerge.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Why don't I ever see sunrises like this? I must be out there at the prime time, because it's dark when I'm driving to work, but the sun is up when I arrive :) It must be behind me, eh?

    In other news: Tonight, my niece leaves for a semester in France!! She's doing a program in Nice.


  3. Beautiful sunrises. I haven't seen one in years, unless seeing it from the sky in a plane counts. But it's not the same.

  4. Wonderful pictures! Have the coucous and violettes come out yet? It was so cold this winter, maybe they will show their pretty faces in February.

  5. Nadège, no coucous or violettes yet, but the wild cyclamens are blooming in the back yard.

    Starman, we can see sunrise and sunset from our windows. And this time of year, the sun rises so late that we don't even have to make a special effort to see it.

    Judy, good for your niece. When are you coming to France again?

    Evelyn, as you've suspected, I'm a sun worshiper from way back. It all started on a long sandy beach in North Carolina...

  6. Just thought I'd say high, having stubbled over your blog.
    We live up-river in Chabris and also have a Blog: A Gardener in France


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