13 January 2010

More weather misery

With fresh snow on the ground from a front that went through overnight, the temperature has finally gone up above freezing for the first time in while. I just looked outside and water is dripping everywhere. I don't know how the roads are.

We have friends coming over for lunch today. We had thought about going up to Blois for lunch in a restaurant, but we changed our minds when it started snowing again yesterday. We'll just stay here and watch the thaw happen.

Brume and brouillard are both fog,
and givrant means freezing or frosty.

This was the weather map a couple of days ago. They were again predicting freezing fog — brouillard givrant — for our region, but it didn't happen that time.

Yesterday a weather warning for snow and freezing rain was issued in the morning. A big part of France was under what they call « vigilance orange ». They were asking people not to go out unless absolutely necessary. The roads and sidewalks were too slippery. This morning the warning area is north of us.

The « Vigilance Orange » yesterday morning
was put into effect for the coming 24 hours.

At least we didn't get pluie verglaçante — freezing rain. I was afraid I might find the electricity off and the trees and wires bent to the ground this morning, under the weight of ice. We're lucky that the weather front brought in some relatively mild air.

The news says the recent cold spell has been relatively short and not nearly as severe as some that France experienced in the 1960s and 1970s. But it will have economic consequences. The mild French climate allows farmers to grow winter crops outdoors and others in greenhouses. But the cold weather has damaged much of this year's crop, and we can expect prices to go up, news reports say.

After the thaw, we'll see if our own winter crops have survived.

Bad weather has contributed to the ongoing economic slowdown by hindering truck traffic on the autoroutes and train traffic as well. People have been staying at home rather than risking life and limb to go to work.

But now meterologists are starting to say we will probably have an exceptionally beautiful, hot summer in 2010. I think they are just trying to bolster the morale of the population.


  1. OHHHH NOO!! There goes the blette! I hope all of your crops survive!! It's supposed to warm up a bit this week.. Accuweather had one day at a whopping 9C but Alex's more accurate Meteo France said 3C for that same day... Oh poohy!!!

    Here's to better weather!!!

  2. The weather people might be right. I spent 1981-1982 studying at the University of Salzburg and we had a very snowy, cold winter and that late spring, early summer was hot!!!!!
    Ann Pickett,
    Richmond, VA

  3. I'm glad you didn't get an ice storm- we used to get them regularly here, but haven't had one in many years.

    I'm not a weatherman, but I predict that Spring will arrive again this year;-). On time, perhaps maybe not.

  4. here in VA people seem to think they can not only drive on ice but drive just as fast as they normally do

  5. Forgot to say earlier that this banner is absolutely stunning. Thank you for posting such beautiful photos.

    Word verification is fativest. It's a reminder I'm putting on weight! Careful¡

  6. "Theory of chaos" is what I was told when I asked a scientist. Predicting the weather is very hard, that is why they are wrong so many times. I just hope you thaw soon. We had some rain in LA over night; we will be lucky to have some showers today otherwise we have another chance of rain monday. It is 71 F so we cannot complain. Life is good. I am working on a great movie, that will keep me out of trouble for few weeks and saving for another trip to France hopefully this summer but maybe not if they are predicting a hot summer. Oh wait, predictions are wrong so often! There is a 50/50 chance for that trip to happen (lol).

  7. We are slowly getting back to normal (mid to upper 20sC).
    I could swear you did a post about pork chops and I've looked and looked but can't find it. Was I just dreaming?

  8. Nadège, tonight we saw a TV program about the restoration of the church at Diennes-Aubigny. It's very close to Decize, which is just three hours from Saint-Aignan according to Google Maps. Now I want to go there.

    Starman, is this the recipe for pork chops that you are talking about?

  9. Yes, thank you very much. I don't have them often because they always turn out dry. I'm hoping your advice will solve that problem Thanks again.


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