30 January 2008

Things I like about summer, VIII

ripening on the vine

Credit to Walt for most of these photos, taken in August 2004. That was the first year we had a vegetable garden at La Renaudière. May the summer of 2008 be as fruitful.

I continue my summertime series because the weather is so miserable. Yesterday it was gray and foggy, with a really low ceiling all day and temperatures just barely above freezing. This morning it's still freezing and there is a fine cold mist in the air. Rain is coming in toward noontime, according to the radar weather sites. And then it's supposed to rain off and on until Sunday, without warming up much. Yuck.

Only one more day left in January. Maybe February will be spring-like, printanier. That can happen. Or it can be even colder and turn snowy, as it did in 2006. Surprise us!


  1. I would not hold my breath. February is usually the coldest month of the year. In 1956 we had a somewhat balmy month of January and during the night of the 31 to the 1st of February the temperature fell I don't know how many degrees. It went from balmy to arctic within a few hours. The olive trees froze in the Var region, which is very unusual! And the cold lasted until spring!
    I'll have a tomato salad. Thank you!

  2. On this very rainy day, here, it's hard to believe that summer will ever be back

  3. Hey! I saw a beautiful primrose blooming in your yard a few days back--that looks better than anything happening here yet. The lenten roses and daphne are almost set to bloom though.

    I'd like to see the primrose blooming time there, but don't want to partake in the gloomy weather otherwise. Maybe I'll be brave enough one day...

  4. Ken, Thank you for these pictures. Here we are having freezing rain (not a nice time to be on the road) and we expect the temp to dip further down in the evening. The cold is coming from the west where in some areas it was -37 C but felt like -49 ( Alberta) to -55 c ( Yellow Knife) with the wind chill.
    There is still February :-(

  5. It's so cold and gloomy in Toronto, but when I look at your tomatoes, ma langue sourit.

  6. Mr. Broadhurst,
    Each and every day I find such enjoyment reading your blog. Finally I had to respond--nothing like ripe tomatoes to evoke summer! I'll need to start looking through seed catalogs and garden project books to make it through the rest of winter.
    Thank you for the great writing and fantastic photographs.

  7. Wonderful images, Ken! I caught my breath when the page opened and I glimpsed those tomatoes. I'm counting down the days until it's garden time. Yes, it is snowing here again this afternoon...hopefully, it will stop soon. But hope springs eternal thanks to photos like these.

    Meilleurs voeux!!


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