31 January 2008

Things I like about summer, IX

Hot-air balloons
floating overhead

First you hear the whoosh of the burners that heat the air inside the balloon. Then you hear dogs barking all over the surrounding countryside. You look up and see the balloon headed your way.

Sometimes they fly low enough over the house that we can wave at the people in the nacelle. And take pictures. Observing us is not the point of their flight, however. Châteaux are.


  1. Oh those just look beautiful! I too want summer to come!
    Actually, spring would be alright too ;)

  2. After weeks and weeks of cold and rain (OK, so it's not as bad as your weather), I'm with Claude: spring would be just fine with me.

  3. It's a new way for tourists to visit the countryside? I would not feel safe but it does look estival. Let it come soon!

  4. To heck with spring, I want summer! Spring means cold damp days mixed with sunny warm days. It was always spring in San Francisco! Of course, we can't really count on long hot summers here in Saint-Aignan. But we can hope.

  5. I'm not sure this is your first post about hot-air balloons, because I somehow remember commenting about this subject...or maybe it was on Walt's blog?

    We used to have a lot of them behind our house in Montbazon. There's definitely something magic about seeing them floating around. I would never get in one myself, though.


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