24 January 2008

Things I like about summer, V

Flowers, especially fields of sunflowers.

Near the Château du Bois-Doucet in Poitou, July 2006.

Other flowers too. And insects, especially bees,
butterflies, and moths.

Near the Château du Grand-Pressigny in south Touraine, July 2006

Can't you feel the heat in these pictures?


  1. This week, a friend told me about clicking on a picture to enlarge it on the screen. It's wonderful! I see the details of each photo.
    Your garden has bloomed in my room. I can practically hear the bee buzzing...It's such a cold, gray morning in Toronto. Thank you for the warmth of your colourful flowers. Please, don't leave your summer until spring arrives here!

  2. Gosh, today, I walked from Place de l'Etoile down to La Concorde, then walked up the Jardins des Tuileries, up to le Louvre and then crossed the river Seine towards the Latin Quarter. I did manage to take a few photos, but so grey and boring that I don't even feel like posting them!
    Yours are just lovely and make me want summer to be here!

  3. Sorry to go all nerdy on you, but the 'bee' on the cosmos in your picture is a hoverfly (syrphide in French, often abreviated to 'syrph', and known as flower flies in North America). It does not have a common name, but its scientific name is Sphaerophoria. They are good guys. The adults pollinate flowers and the larvae eat aphids, and they are pretty and fun to watch.


  4. Love the photos, especially the sunflowers. And especially because it's been raining here... a lot. Thanks for the bit of summer. You're right, I can feel the heat in those photos.

  5. Thanks for the information about flower flies, Susan. I didn't know that.

    Claudia, my summer series will be back.

    Claude, you are lucky to be in Paris, where there are so many distractions from the winter gray. Here in Saint-Aignan, we have to search for color!

    Ginny, hope you haven't washed away. I saw that you had nearly 3 inches of rain in Sunnyvale yesterday. Wow. K.


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