26 January 2008

Fast forward to winter

This morning it is about -3ºC, or about 27ºF, out. The ground
is semi-frozen, and there are a lot of deer tracks frozen
in the sand and mud we had because of all the rain
we had earlier in January. It is frosty this morning.

It was my morning to take Callie out. We left the house at 8:20,
just as the sun was starting to peek up over the horizon.
Everything was silvery blue, almost monochromatic, until
the orangey pink of the sunrise took form.

Then I started noticing colors. Rose hips, for example,
coated with the light frost.

The barbs on the wire around the donkey pasture out back
were frosted over too.

And then the sun got higher and broke through the trees.

The past few days have been dry and sunny. It's a nice change.
The afternoons are almost warm.


  1. the trees on the horizon with the sun illuminating just them, and the frosted barbed wire in the same moment of the sun -- actually the whole set, what a wonderful world. how lucky we are. thank you.

  2. There's a poem by (of all people) Samuel Beckett - not sure whether or how he punctuated it but when I first saw it, it made me think of scenes like this that I've never been able to take a decent photo of:

    vive morte ma seule saison
    lis blancs chrysanthèmes
    nids vifs abandonnés
    boue des feuilles d'avril
    beaux jours gris de givre

  3. I've been complaining so much of the winter in Toronto. Of course it's true that the scenery is nicer in Saint-Aignan. But I think that you have a special gift to discover colour and beauty with each season and each moment, no matter what the day brings. I'll keep your very special photos in mind, and try to open my eyes when I walk in my city today. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful, gorgeous pictures. You have such a good eye for the fine details in nature.

  5. Similar weather here -- I finally had the chance to go to the Rodez market this morning (actually just something that made me leave the village early on a Saturday morning, cf. La France Profonde) and it was so darn cold I couldn't stand it!

    I enjoyed a hot chocolate in a SMOKE-FREE CAFE instead...

    Gorgeous photos, Ken.

  6. You have to grant it to winter, it makes superb frozen shots!
    This barbed wire is stunning


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