16 October 2023

Arrivés !

Once we got to the gîte, after spending an hour in the industrial zone labyrinth, we could settle in and relax. We had found our way to Vindelle and the gîte coming in from the east, because on the map (a Michelin road atlas) that looked like the best way to get there. It wasn't.

It turned out to be easier from the west. It was the gîte owner who explained that to me. I wish he had done so before we started the trip. And the instructions about turning right and then left when we saw the church didn't apply to the church in Saint-Yrieix but to the church in Vindelle, which was only a short walk from the gîte. It was a big comedy of errors.

Anyway, there we were. We settled in, got connected to the internet, and started thinking about what we would do the next day. We were pretty tired after the drive, not having done any traveling over the past four years. And being four years older.


  1. The Baie de Somme will be for next year!

  2. Oh, it's fun following your travels! Woo hoo!


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