01 April 2023

Château de Cheverny, April 1, 2004

It was 19 years ago today that I went to the Château de Cheverny with my friend Chrissoup from California. It was her idea. I don't think I had ever been there before (but my memory is not what it used to be). The Cadogan guide titled simply Loire calls Cheverny "the most refined Loire château of the lot, a lesson in French architectural and aristocratic good taste.... The exterior has scarcely been altered since it was built." That was in the 17th century.

Again Cadogan: "A generous smooth lawn leads to the Château de Cheverny's immaculate front. The main façade looks so white and clean, and the stones are laid in such a seamless manner, that many have mistaken the effect for whitewashed clapboard.... The building is slimly elegant, the whole château is only one room thick, light pouring through it."

Cheverny is "sumptuously furnished," writes the author of the Cadogan guide. It is "the Loire château which probably boasts the finest collection of paintings and tapestries. In this regard, it resembles a fine arts gallery." It is privately owned and lived in by its owners; it's just over 15 miles north of Saint-Aignan and less than 10 miles south of Blois.


  1. Such a nice and memorable day that was! Hard to believe it was 19 years ago. I still enjoy looking at my photos (that crystal stag head is amazing). And the dogs, so well trained that the whole mob of them would wait until their keeper said they could eat. -- Chrissoup

  2. Only one room thick; no dark rooms in this chateau! I didn’t realize it was so close to you.

  3. There's a lot to see on this post. The casserole dishes match the wall! The tapestry colors tie in with the painted wall, plus what a battle! All the men are trying to get that woman to safety- such chivalry in those days lol.

  4. I just had a glance at the chateau, but I had a memorable lunch at the Hotel des Trois Marchands in Cour-Cheverny. Unlike you, Ken, I don’t remember what I ate, but I do remember it was delicious and … expensive!

    1. We had lunch there with H. and A. one day. I think you had been there before.

    2. My recollection is it was a dinner with H and A? Memory! I think it was dinner because all the lights were on.
      My lunch at the 3 M was in 1954. Thirty years before I met you! That’s when I went to Fougères-sur-Bièvre, Amboise and Chanteloup. Btw the Pagode at Chanteloup is worth a visit and a detour or vice-versa.

      Any news from H and A. Do they still own that house in Orbigny?


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