17 April 2023

Bert the black cat in 2010

April 8, 2010, was the day when Bert came to stay. He had never been here before. It's also the day I took the photo above, showing him sitting on Walt's knee. Bert settled and stayed with us until about 10 days ago.

I took this photo out behind the back gate a few days after Bert's arrive. I've always liked it. He looks exotic.

A few days before Bert's arrival we had had a fierce windstorm. In our yard, two plum trees had been uprooted.

You know what they say about cats and curiosity. Maybe Bert had never before seen a tree lying on the ground. He was only four years old. Maybe the plum blossoms smelled good.


  1. Great shots of Bert (not easy with a black cat), and nice memories. The day Bert came to stay and there he is on Ken's knee. We've had Moose for nearly 11 years and he will still NOT sit on a knee.

  2. Replies
    1. No problem. Bert did know us for two or three years before he came to live with us.

  3. He does look exotic in that photo! Awww, I'm so glad that we all got to know Bertie.

  4. Bert had a good life. Maybe he was frog hunting before he went to sleep the last time.

  5. Great pictures of Bertie. He was so sleek and silky looking.

  6. Thanks for reminding me of the frog hunting, Evelyn! He does look exotic! He will be missed. :(

  7. In the exotic photo, he looks like a black panther! -- Chrissoup

    1. He was half siamese. That explains the exotic look and the pointy ears.


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